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Crystal Editions: An Intersection of Glass and Printmaking Reception & Demo

We’ve partnered with Louisville printmakers, Rodolfo Salgado Jr andSusanna Crum of Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio, to co-curate an exhibition of hybrid glass and printmaking art in conjunction with the Mid America Printmaking Conference which will be held in Louisville in October. “Crystal Editions” will open September 2nd and feature work by Johnny Gordon, Brandon Smith, Devin French, Brad Vetter, and Hayden Wilson. This exhibit will portray a variety of printmaking applications on glass including powder print on blown glass, screen printing with glass paints and silver stains, and stenciled frit fired onto glass. Going to be an interesting show! We’re all looking forward to it.

Work featured in photo clockwise from top left:
“Infinite Mandala” by Devin French, “Sloss” by Hayden Wilson, “Light Bulb” by Johnny Gordon, and “I Shoot with my Eyes not with my Hands” by Brandon Smith.