Want to try your hand at mastering the art of blown glass? Flame Run offers three hands-on courses expertly designed to teach you how to craft your own glass creations. Upon request, classes can be split into private lessons for intimate parties or group events. Once you’ve fallen in love with the art of blown glass and have taken enough courses with Flame Run, our studio may be available for you to rent for your own artistic expression.

Beginning Glassblowing Class

This is a one day, 2½ to 3 hour class, in which you will learn all of the basics of working with hot glass, and will be making solid, hot glass paperweights. If you have never worked with hot glass before, we recommend that you start with this class. Cost: $250. Flexible scheduling.

Combined Introduction to Glassblowing Seminar

This class is taught over three days and is the best overall value with 2½ to 3 hours of class per day. In this course option, you will get an introduction to hot glass and get the opportunity to make both paperweights (solid glass), and blown vessels. Cost: $700. Flexible scheduling.