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Meet Your Makers – Brook White

For our first installment of Meet Your Makers, we’d like to share with you a bit about the creator of Flame Run himself – Brook Forrest White Jr.  He’s known for his large, vibrant glass pieces, but you won’t always find him working down in the hotshop.  While he may not always be blowing glass, you will almost always find Brook here, wearing the many hats that it takes to keep a successful business running.  And yes, sometimes that means ordering pizza for the entire staff!

Here’s just a bit about the mastermind behind Flame Run:

Name: Brook White

Hometown: Owensboro, KY

Favorite Artist: Wassily Kandinsky

Medium/technique of choice: hot glass

Position at Flame Run: Jefe

Years at Flame Run: all of them, of course! (14 years and counting!)

Flame Run nickname: Captain, Dad


Favorite Flame Run exhibit: Twist and Shout (2008)

From the exhibit Twist ans Shout, 2008


What questions would you ask the boss if you had a chance?



Check back in next Monday, when we meet the hotshop staff!