Flame Run is exhibiting the work of Tennessee artist, Thomas Spake’s, in “The World Around Us: Inspiration from the Natural Landscape.”

Spake’s glass vessels conceived through explorations of the natural world. His process involves exploring nature as a photographer first. He photographs objects or moments that express a particular aesthetic to him, and later, he abstracts this essence from his photographs, and translates the narrative into glass. His simple forms act as a canvas for the stories, and his cold working process reveals a tactile quality, and soft transparency, true to the nature of the material.

Thomas stated, “Beauty can be found in many different places on out planet, from the sandy ocean floor, to mountainous peaks, and from the arid deserts, to the lush jungles. I find glass to be a very impressionable material. It has to be transparent, translucent or opaque, giving it the capacity to mimic the world around us; water, clouds, rock, forests, and mountains.”

“The World around Us: Inspiration from the Natural Landscape” will be on display April 7th through May 27th, with an opening reception this evening of the 7th at 5pm. A live glass blowing demo will take place in the Flame Run studio from 6pm-7pm.